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Brick Slip Corner
Cutting Machine [BCCM675]

Brick Slip Corner Cutting Machine

Brick Slip Corner Cutting Machine

The BCCM675 is specially designed for fast and precise cutting of Brick Slip Corners.

The Adjustable Brick Stop allows for the cutting of slips with a width between 90 and 130 mm.

Although the BCCM675 is designed for the cutting of Brick Slip Corners, it also allows for the cutting of straight slips from bricks with a maximum size of 330 x 240 x 90 mm.

Above: Max. Dimensions with Adjustable Brick Stop placed Left or Right.

For ease of maintenance and rust prevention, stainless steel is used
for the large steel surfaces exposed to coolant fluids

The BCCM675 is equipped with a specially developed wet cutting blade with a diameter of 675 mm. The right balance has been found between blade life and a high-quality finish.


Rodia® BCCM 675
Art. Nr. 0.067.501
EAN: 8714345297620



Brick slips (also referred to as brick tiles or brick veneers) are thin cuts of real brick, or in some cases purpose-made brick tiles, commonly used to replicate the appearance of a conventional brick wall in both internal and external applications.

Primarily used for aesthetic purposes, as a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create an authentic brick finish on internal and external walls, brick slips also offer low maintenance and long term durability.

The performance benefits of brick slips are similar to those of brick – a breathable, non-combustible, durable, recyclable and energy-efficient material. No other cladding solution offers this combination of beauty and practicality.


Brick Slips

Brick dimensions:
  • Max. Length: 330 mm
  • Width: adjustable 90 to 130 mm
  • Thickness: max. 90 mm

  Machine specifications:
  • Saw motor: 400V - 3 ph - 4kW
  • Thermally protected
  • Saw spindle axis: 40 mm
  • Cutting Blade Diameter: 675 mm
  • Machine Dimensions: 1100 x 760 x 1400 mm
  • Fixed Water Connection required
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